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16 Celeb Moments So Embarrassing It’ll Make You Cringe

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We might be their greatest fans, but we’re still not immune to secretly celebrating when celebrities prove that they’re imperfect human beings, and their embarrassing slip-ups, in some cases, can sometimes be even more entertaining than their actual talents.

Take a look:

#1. Julianne Hough.

When Halloween 2013 rolled around, Julianne Hough decided to dress up for the occasion as Orange is the New Black’s Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, complete, sadly, with blackface. Offensive, for sure, but actually accidentally so, as the Dancing with the Stars champ embarrassingly didn’t seem to realize the stupidity of her mistake until it was pointed out to her.

#2. 50 Cent.

The year 2014 saw 50 Cent asked to throw the opening pitch of a New York Mets game, an honor that, when it came, the rapper messed up enormously. His pitch went down in history as questionably one of the most repulsive ever, even being commemorated with its own Topps baseball card.

#3. Tom Cruise.

In 2005 Tom Cruise made the whole world feel awkward when he hopped up on Oprah’s couch to broadcast his love for new girlfriend Katie Holmes. It’s a still ironically embarrassing moment that looks even more tragic when you take into account the fact that the pair’s following marriage ended in divorce after fewer than six years.

#4. Fergie.

In 2005 Fergie found herself with a weak bladder at the worst possible moment, peeing herself while on stage with the Black Eyed Peas in San Diego. Reasonably, the pop star has since described the incident as “the most unattractive moment of [her] life.” But hey, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, even if you are in front of thousands of people at the time.

#5. Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift gave one St. Louis audience more than they’d bargained for in 2011 after having her own Marilyn Monroe moment on stage. A close encounter with a wind machine saw her dress gust up all around her, revealing some rather sensible beige underwear. Luckily, in spite of the wardrobe malfunction, Swift was able to quickly, well, shake it off and keep performing. Still pretty embarrassing, though.

#6. Zac Efron.

At the 2012 Hollywood premiere of The Lorax, Zac Efron was seen to unintentionally drop a condom from his pocket. Whoops. And it was an incident that prompted the actor to go on Today to explain himself, quipping, “I never really had a pocket-checking policy before going on the red carpet before, but now we’ve fully instated one.” Too little, too late, dude.

#7. Katy Perry.

In 2008 Katy Perry got more than she haggled for after jumping into a cake onstage in Mexico, as you do. That’s because, not long afterwards, the pop star would skid on some frosting and fall over in front of the whole crowd. There’s a lesson for us all here: don’t leap into a giant gateau unless you’re prepared to face the humiliating consequences.

#8. Justin Bieber.

During his Believe tour in 2012, Justin Bieber threw up twice on stage in front of his fans, something that he may have wanted to do again once he’d seen that the embarrassing footage was uploaded to YouTube. It’s hard, though, not to have more sympathy for the unfortunate person who had to clean it all up afterwards.

#9. Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj committed an act of extreme insensitivity when she released a video featuring -esque imagery and herself as a leather-clad dictator. What’s more, the hip-hop star innocently premiered the promo for “Only” exactly 76 years to the day after Kristallnacht. Reasonably, she was forced to apologize profusely for the controversial clip.

#10. James Franco.

While starring in a Broadway production of Of Mice and Men, James Franco attempted to hook up with an underage fan, in spite of knowing her age. The girl in question would later plaster the proof of their conversation on the internet, leaving Franco with no choice but to admit to “bad judgement” about the whole creepy affair.

#11. Madonna.

Madonna may have regretted her decision to wear a cape at the 2015 Brit Awards, because unfortunately it caused her backing dancers to “strangle [her] off the stage” when they attempted to remove the item of clothing mid-performance. To the glee of internet meme makers everywhere, the pop icon then took a tumble, and those dancers probably collected their pink slips the very next day.

#12. Tara Reid.

Tara Reid faced a very, very embarrassing moment in 2004 when she attended P. Diddy’s birthday party and accidentally exposed her left breast while on the red carpet. Said was out for a whole ten seconds – long enough to ensure that an incident the American Pie actress would doubtless rather be forgotten was captured on camera for all time.

#13. Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande became every retail worker’s worst nightmare in 2015 when she was caught on camera licking an unsold doughnut in a Californian store. To add insult to injury, the singer would also state, “I hate Americans. I hate America” upon seeing a batch of fresh doughnuts added to the mix, an apparently private moment caught on camera, and one which almost definitely didn’t win her any new fans.

#14. John Travolta.

Seemingly not content with just messing up Idina Menzel’s name at the 2014 Oscars, John Travolta took things up a notch for the 2015 ceremony, and in supremely creepy fashion. The actor crept up on an unsuspecting Scarlett Johansson, planted a kiss on her cheek and his arm around her waist before scuttling off, perhaps content in the knowledge that he’d be spawning new memes for days. Johansson, though, seemed to not appreciate the gesture one bit.

#15. Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie’s flawless image was dented a little in 2014 when she showed up at a New York City screening of HBO movie The Normal Heart with her face covered in white powder. Didn’t she have her makeup artists on hand? Didn’t she even have a mirror?

#16. Leonardo DiCaprio.

He may never dream of doing something so frivolous now, but in his teen heartthrob days Leonardo DiCaprio was totally up for taking part in a bizarre photoshoot for David LaChapelle. Perhaps the most embarrassing shot of those taken sees the young actor seductively posing on a pile of fruit, something we slyly hope is projected as a backdrop when he finally wins his Oscar.

Photo: thebuddy