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23 All-Time Best Wedding Photobombs

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Marriage is an important day for any couple. In your wedding day you want your day to go perfectly. But it wouldn’t be a wedding without a few surprising hiccups. Like, the wedding pictures below which were photobombed by other person or animals. Check out this epic wedding photobombs, which made these couples’ wedding albums even cooler.

“Hi there! Is it time to take wedding photos already? Can I join?”

Looks like someone saw an opportunity to become part of the wedding and swam right on over. Fortunately, the couple found it surprisingly funny.

The only thing that can steal the spotlight from a kiss is when another couple upstages you.

Hey grownups! Anything you can do, we can do better. We can kiss better than any of you! It’s a typical case of monkey see, monkey do. Who knows, maybe these two will end living happily ever after in the future.

When you find the perfect venue for your wedding photo and this happens.

Oh, don’t mind Gollum in the background. He’s just looking for his precious. Go ahead and continue smiling for your almost picture-perfect shot. It’s so revealing. Just not in the way you expected.

The moment you get upstaged by a squirrel who’s begging for love and affection too.

Poor little guy! He doesn’t know any better. He just wants to pray to his Squirrel Gods to give him a bride that will make him as happy as the two humans sitting behind him are.

Life will literally skate by you whether you’re ready for it or not, even at your own wedding.

Just ask this family, who found this little rascal photobombing this photo with her scooter. Now the couple can look back at this photo and remind themselves to never run out of birth control pills.

If you ask for a country wedding, you’re going to get it and so much more than you expected.

Sure, this couple is now happily married and looking forward to their honeymoon. But the cow and bull in the background have decided to skip ahead and consummate the couple’s marriage for them.

The look you get when the photographer takes the photo and you realize you weren’t ready for it.

Maybe the little girl’s terrified being surrounded by a bunch of Stepford Wives all dressed up Oscar Awards, except for the bride. One thing’s for sure, no one will be looking at their smiles when they see this photo.

If you’ve ever needed a better excuse to pick bridesmaids carefully, this photo will do it.

Looks like the two in the background are having a great time humping each other. But that’s what the bride gets for inviting her maid of honor to take a photo with her and excluding her other two friends.

The moment you realize that marriage means you’re in for the fight of your life.

Looks like someone’s not happy about the groom marrying the bride, and for once, it’s not the father of the bride. Thank goodness that bull doesn’t have his horns, or this marriage would be shorter than Britney’s 55-hour marriage.

When you’re trying to exchange your wedding and the kids steal the spotlight.

The poor bride and groom in the background are trying to laugh it off, while gritting their teeth and wondering who the heck invited this man and his two kids to their wedding.

When the only thing on a guy’s mind is the buffet and he doesn’t care who’s taking photos.

If Santa Claus donned some sunglasses and went shirtless, this is what he’d look like. Yup! This photo is totally ruined. They totally need a do over and some security to keep people from getting in the way.

When the bride announces she’s about to throw the bouquet and someone freaks out.

Runnnnnn! Okay, lady! We get it. The thought of a committed relationship scares the heck out of you! Message received. It’s just a silly superstition, not a grenade, so don’t take it so seriously!

Looks like someone decided to dive in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Turns out, it was the groom, who literally took the saying, take the plunge, to heart, and decided to show us the moon. But his bride just laughed it off. Hey, good for her. Looks like she married a guy with a great sense of humor.

Just when you thought you’d found the perfect spot to kiss, someone walks up and spoils it.

It’s like a scary movie. You’re in llama territory now, folks! So, you better make that your last kiss, cause reinforcements are coming. You’re never getting out of here alive.

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time?

A tender moment and a kiss between a mother and a daughter can be beautiful. But it can also be terribly awkward, especially when the groom happens to be sandwiched between two pairs of bosoms.

That magical moment when you realize that true love really does exist, just not for you.

Looks like one of Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters has crashed the wedding. No, seriously, show us how you really feel about the bride and groom. Don’t hold back. Let it all out.

When true love means hope for some and totally heartbreak for a tiny member of the wedding.

Aw! Look at the little girls on the left. They’re thinking of their perfect wedding too someday. But the kid on the right is too busy grieving over the fact that he’s lost his true love to a bigger man.

This is what happens when you forget to ask someone to be your best man.

Looks like someone had too much to drink, and is really upset over the fact that he wasn’t the best man. He wasn’t even one of the groomsmen. Oh heck! He wasn’t even invited to the wedding. But you two go ahead and keep smiling.

When an owl decides to crash your wedding ceremony and bless you with its wisdom.

Quick! Someone call Zack Snyder! One of the owls from “Legend of the Guardians” has escaped and is attacking a bunch of wedding guests. Maybe it’s a member of the evil Pure Ones.

Oh, go ahead and kiss and ignore the llama that’s awkwardly staring at you relentlessly.

That poor llama! You can’t tell if he’s rooting for the couple, sad that it hasn’t found its soulmate yet, or is simply trying to become a part of this epic wedding photo. But it’s totally adorbs.

True loves kiss has met its match in this feline rascal who expressed our sentiments.

Yuck! Ew! No way! Hope you have your cootie shots. That’s just nasty. Of course, if you’d invited kitty to the wedding, it might not behave quite as disgruntled as it appears to be.

When they told this dog to go catch a train, he totally misunderstood and did this.

Weddings can be so draining. Fortunately, there’s this wedding train. It’s soft, and pretty just like a carpet. So, if you all don’t mind, I’m just going to lay here until the wedding ceremony’s over.

While these two lived happily ever after, something demonic was happening in the background.

Looks like this wedding has just turned into a fight between good and evil. Can someone please call an exorcist? This couple’s got a demonic wedding crasher floating around in the background.