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After Breakup Woman Drops 200 Pounds And Posts Before And After Photos That Are Going Viral

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We should always be happy with ourselves and should not allow others opinions to dictate or influence our happiness. We’ll never be confident if we let others opinions and words control our lives.

If you live a life like this it will not give you the ability to flourish and become the person we’re meant to be. We should change aspects of ourselves – our physical appearance or personality only if we wish and for ourselves.

Miranda broke up with her boyfriend in social media. She posted a photo of herself on Twitter along with a caption that has gone viral. Her ex-called her “disgusting,” and the young woman decided to do something about it.

Miranda’s tweet read: “after getting called disgusting last night, I [sic] successfully dropped 200lbs!!! (before and after pics).”

Miranda’s before and after photos explain everything. In the before pic, Miranda is posing with her boyfriend. In the after pic, he’s cropped out. She gained the confidence to stand up for herself after shedding 200 pounds.

Miranda opened herself up to being on her own and loving herself for who she is. And if she finds another guy, he’d better not criticize her. He might find himself out of the picture too.

Social media fell in love with the post. Support poured in for Miranda: “Best weight loss story ever,” one person commented. Many are providing virtual applause for her actions.

“YESSSS, US WOMEN APPLAUD YOU Heavy red heart heavy red heart heavy red heart heavy red heart,” another wrote.