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Top 10 Secret Places Google Earth Doesn’t Want you to See

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The earth is apparently not completely free to access to even on something like the internet like  Google Earth. The reasons for such are unknown although the area, of course, is known by virtue of the surrounding information. Some are facilities; others are mysterious locations in the mountains, government buildings, and even people’s houses. Only Google will be privy to such information but that doesn’t mean we won’t know there is a secret that Google or whoever has instructed Google is hiding behind those blurred images. Here are 15 secret places on Google Earth which Google doesn’t want you to see.

1.   Moruroa, French Polynesia

Moruroa is an atoll among the French Polynesian islands in the South Pacific and when seen from Google Earth, it certainly seems they have something to hide. Various islands are visible including parts of the atoll but you will find certain places blurred from sight. It isn’t possible to find out what secret lies there but the common assumption is that the atoll has an airstrip a dock and a few buildings. The vicinity around Muroroa atoll was a nuclear testing site for the French between 1966 and 1996. This could possibly have something to do with the blackout.

2.   Taipei, Taiwan

This image has been clearly doctored. On first glance, it looks normal and shows an air facility belonging to the Republic of China in Taiwan’s Taipei. If you look closely you will see how the image isn’t what it seems and the entire area has a different shade in comparison to surrounding areas.

3.   Utrecht, Netherlands

This is a house in Holland that has been completely pixilated by Google earth and no one really knows why. The house is located on 8 Oorsprongpark in Utrecht, Holland. The roof has been blurred and is noticeable in comparison to the surrounding houses.

4.   Junction Ranch, California

Junction Ranch is a military testing site that also contains a large airstrip. The facility is a part of the Naval weapons station on China Lake where it is believed that that the government is working on secret drone projects. The area looks as it should on Google maps but one particular area has been scratched out. Bing maps have the entire area blurred out. There is, of course, a reason but that, of course, must be a very confidential one.

5.   Snow Saddle, Nepal

Kantega or Snow Saddle is an area located at 22,000 feet, high up in the Nepal Himalaya. Google maps has blacked out the entire region while Bing maps has pixilated it. One wonders why? There are allegations and assumptions that the Nazis made secret expeditions in the area where they were believed to have discovered a UFO base and testing site. The area has been blacked out to discourage the secret entrance that leads to the base or investigating the area. The area is well known for its huge number of alleged UFO sightings.

6.   Keowee Dam, USA

This reservoir in South Carolina is shaped like a Christmas tree and is heavily blurred by Google. Authorities have never confirmed it but it is believed that the dam is used for running the Oconee Nuclear Station and is also referred to as the American Fukushima.

7.   Unknown Area In Siberian Tundra, Russia

Among the entire secret places o Google Earth, this is perhaps the most mysterious and there is a sinister story behind the huge blur put there by Google over the area. The site is located in the Siberian Tundra near the Russian city of Egvekinot just near the border to Alaska. The Russian authorities had sealed entire sities and towns in the area in 1986 where some were home to more than a million people. The mysterious cities were given names like Krasnoyarsk-26 and Tomsk-7. One such area named Arzamas-16 was home to a colony of superior nuclear scientists and engineers. It was widely believed that the area was taken over by the government during the cold war of the sixties and used as a missile or radar station.

Many net observers also commented that the surrounding areas were copy pasted from other parts of the country.

8.   The Michael AAF Building, USA

This is a highly classified area in Utah that belongs to the US military. The only information known about it is the fact that it is used as many presume to be a biological and chemical weapons testing facility. There is no other information regarding it. The entire area has been blurred out by Google Maps.

9.   HAARP Site, Gakona, Alaska, USA

The abbreviation HAARP stands for High-Frequency Active Aural Research Program. It is a highly controversial operation currently operating in the USA. The Gakona AK test site conducts ionospheric testing and is alleged by conspiracy theorists to be the cause of natural disasters like earthquakes although there has been of evidence of that till date.

10.                     Valencia City, Philippines

Valencia City in Philippines is home to more than 160,000 people but it is also regarded as the headquarters of the Governments missile testing facility and various defence programs which is why it has been pixilated as one of the secret places on Google Earth for security reasons.