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UK Advises Iran To Stop Feeding Houthis In Yemen

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The United Kingdom has asked Iran to “stop sending in weapons which prolong the conflict” to the Houthis in Yemen and to use its influence instead to end the conflict in the country.

“We question why Iran is spending significant revenue in a country with which it has no real historical ties or interests, rather than using its influence to end the conflict for the good of the Yemeni people,” Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt said in a joint statement.

“If Iran is genuinely committed to supporting a political solution in Yemen – as it has publicly stated – then it should stop sending in weapons which prolong the conflict, fuel regional tensions, and pose threats to international peace and security.”

The statement reiterates UK’s support to the Saudi-led coalition which claims to be fighting for restoring legitimacy in Yemen, as approved by the UN Security Council.

A report by the UN panel of experts revealed that Iran has not taken measures to stop the supply of Iranian-made ballistic missiles to the Houthis. However, the experts were not able to find out the means through which the weapons were smuggled into the country.