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11 Celebrities Who Look Way More Beautiful In Their Adulthood Than Childhood Days!

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It has been quite obvious that people who are not so good looking in their childhood days, often turn out be really beautiful in their adulthood. Ugly duckling turns out to be a beautiful swan.

There are many such celebrities you looked very different, maybe funny in their childhood days and no one would have ever thought that they would do so well in life. Here are 11 celebrities who were not that beautiful in their childhood days and now have flourished in their adulthood.

#1. Selena Gomez

Selena is one of the most inspirational and beautiful celebrities. She is a singer who appeared in the series of Barney and his friends in 2000. The innocence in childhood has now turned into a bundle of hotness.

#2. Tania Raymonde

She appeared in “Malcolm in the middle series” and wasn’t much beautiful at that point in time, but now in her adulthood, she has become an absolutely fabulous diva.

#3. Christina Ricci

She looked like an normal young girl in her childhood days. But the Crazy Adams, the actress has now become one of the most beautiful celebrities.

#4. Kristen Stewart

She achieved instantaneous fame after the success of Twilight. She had played the role of the daughter of Jodie Foster in “Panic Room.”

#5. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has transformed into a handsome hunk in his adulthood days. One of the pioneers of the Disney club didn’t have the same looks in his childhood days.

#6. Josh Peck

He is the plump Josh from “Drake and Josh,” but now look what his adulthood has treated him with, Good looks!

#7. Rapper Lil Jon

His adulthood is way better than his childhood days. The transformation is immense!

#8. Matthew Cohen

The role of Lloyd from “Malcolm in the middle” was played this handsome actor.

#9. Jonathan Lipnicki

This star played a role in Tom Cruise’s famous film “Jerry Maguire.” He has become one of the most handsome celebrities these days with that amazing and beautiful athlete body.

#10. Diego Luna

He started his career in Mexican television and now has achieved all the fame with first spun off of Star Wars.

#11. Joseph Gordon

He has transformed from looking like a weak nerd to one of the most beautiful celebrities in the industry.