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16 Photoshop Fails That Will Probably Make You Feel Sorry

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Be it be modifying the floor or background of a photo, there are several ways the photo can be squeezed around in order to alter the shape of the model’s body.

Then there are more extreme processes as well such as air brushing or face smoothing. Some celebs have so many filters applied over their faces in their social media images that they don’t even look real. No wonder they look like that!

However, there are a few rare exceptions where someone absolutely made a mistake and didn’t take a second look.

Anyway, they’re all hilarious.

Take a look:

#1. Victoria Beckham

#2. Missing legs

#3. Twin

#4. Mariah Scary

#5. Belly Button

#6. Oprah

#7. Mirror, Mirror on the wall

#8. Lindsay Lohan

#9. Madonna

#10.  Smooth Criminal

#11. Half Pack

#12. Broken Arm

#13. Adjustments

#14. Stairway to Heaven

#15. Stinky Armpit

#16. Backward Arm

 Photo: providr