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Ex Couple To Be Jailed And Deported For Exchanging Nude Photographs

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The Ras Al Khaimah Criminal Court of Appeal upheld the suspended three-month jail term and deportation issued against a young man and woman, charged for exchanging nude photos on WhatsApp.

The duo was referred to the court for exchanging their nude pics and having consensual sex out of wedlock.

It was reported that the 19-year-old man threatened post the images on social media to disrepute the 20-year-old woman, both are from Asia. He had warned her not to severe the tie with him. When alerted about the threat, the woman’s mother lodged a complaint against him with the RAK Police.

The cops right away arrested the suspected, who then proved to be in a relationship with the woman’s daughter. However, he was referred to the court and charged with exchanging nude photos with the woman when she was still a minor and trespassing her father’s house.

He was also charged for having consensual sex with her out of the wedlock. Meanwhile, the woman was also punished for exchanging her nude pictures with the suspect, having consensual sex with him the suspect out of wedlock, and assisting him to trespass her father’s house.

However, the man denied that he threatened to post the woman’s pictures on social media but admitted to have trespassed her father’s house with her help. He also said that it was the woman who started sending him her nude pictures on WhatsApp and told him that he could do the same.

The defendant confessed that he had sex with the woman when she was still a minor with her consent on their first date, after which she asked for another date. Even the woman admitted to all the charges against her.

Both of them moved to the RAK criminal court of appeal after they were dissatisfied with the judgement of the lower court.