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Thai Noodle Vendor Attracts Customers With Her Sexiness And Skills In Cooking

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She showed her sexiness while she personally prepares a steaming bowl of Thai noodles for hungry customers.

With the help of social media, lot of videos gained attention through Internet sharing. People who featured on these videos became internet sensations and instafamous overnight. This is made easier by devices such as smart phones through which you can upload anything onto the Internet. However, reactions are not always positive, and people are sometimes criticized based on their actions, or how they look in the videos.

Thailand is mostly known for their tasty noodle dishes that tourists love to eat at stalls lined up almost everywhere. With tough competition, noodle vendors will either have to improve their recipes, or use another approach: marketing strategies. If you are looking to get noticed, using models to call customers would be a perfect way of attracting them. However, this Thai noodle vendor doesn’t need a model to do that for her—as she looks like a celebrity herself!

The viral video shows the vendor wearing a tight, red dress, exposing her cleavage for customers to see. However, while many customers are first attracted to her looks, the food she personally makes will definitely make them come back.