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World’s Biggest 20 Body Parts

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Our body is an unusual phenomenon in itself. We have 7 billion of us, all with the same biological body parts, but still have so much variation from one another.

A simple change in one amino acid from one gene can cause a drastic change in appearance from one person to another. Whether it’s size, color, texture, shape, everyone’s unique biology is responsible for creating a different combination of these features that distinguish their appearance from anyone else around them.

Here are 20 people that have various unexpected physical attributes that make them more unique than just the average man.

1. Radhakant Baijpai is known to have the longest ear hair in the world. As a matter of fact, in 2003 he held the Guiness World Record for the unique feature. Today, his ear hair extends to an amazing length of 10 inches!

2. Liu Hua is the proud owner of the world’s largest hand. Unfortunately, Hua victim to macrodactyly (a form of gigantism), underwent surgery to remove the excess flesh and bone.

3. At almost 52 inches and over 4.3 feet, Svetlana Pankratova holds the record for the largest legs in the world.

4. Ear tunnels are in style, especially if you’re going for that punk rock look. Kalawerlo Kaiwi became the king of that look when he broke the record for the biggest ear tunnels, with his stretching over four-inches wide. That’s big enough to stick your fists through!

5. Now here’s something you don’t see everyday! Devendra Suthar holds the record for the greater number of digits. With 28 fingers and toes, he’s definitely one of a kind!

6. Vijay Kumar has five extra teeth in his mouth, breaking the record for the greatest number of teeth in any human. I’m sure the extra brushing is worth how fast he can chew through his favorite meal!

7. Jeison Rodriguez, at a whopping height of 7’3, holds the record for biggest feet in the world at 15 inches long. He has such a unique feature that he actually needs custom made shoes made for him in Germany.

8. Lee Redmond has fingernails stretching to 28 feet long. For a long while, she held the record for the longest fingernails before losing them in a car accident in 2009.

9. Mehmet Özyürek from Turkey has a nose that stretches 3.5 inches from the bridge to tip, making it the largest in the world.

10. Francisco Joaquim with the widest unstretched mouth in the world.

11. Kim Goodman holds the record for largest eye-pop. Goodman can pop her eyes out to an amazing half an inch.

12. Having grown her locks since she was 13, Xie Quipping holds the record for longest hair in the world, with her hair being over 18 feet long.

13. Aevin Dugas holds the record for the biggest circumference of hair. Her unique afro has a circumference of nearly 4.5 feet, making her a one of a kind model.

14. Credit to Ram Singh for being able to go about his everyday life with a mustache that stretches 14 feet.

15. Cathie Jung, having used corsets for years now, has trained her waist to be 15 inches, making it the smallest waist in the world.

16. Garry Turner holds the record for the stretchiest skin!

17. Nick Stoeberl have a tongue that can stretch to four inches.

18. Sain Mumtaz is thought to have the record for the largest head. The attribute is caused by a condition better known as Proteus syndrome.

19. As a result of a cultural tradition in the tribes of Padaung and Kareni in Myanmar, the longest necks in the world extend to an amazing 15.75 inches.

20. Gregg Valentino holds the record for greatest biceps. With a width of 28 inches, and the ability to lift 300 pounds.