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Mother Of Two Suffers From Bubble Like Tumours All Over Her Body After Giving Birth To Her Second Child

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A mother of two who was supposed to be happy after giving birth to her second child has ended up in a state of shock. Soon after the delivery of the second child, her body was completely covered with tumours.

Charmaine Sahadeo, 38, is suffering from a severe case of neurofibromatosis, which results in the painful growths to pop up all over her skin. She says that she has thousands of bumps covering the face and even bigger ones on her right leg, which makes it difficult for her to stand or walk.

As well as the physical effects, Charmaine blames the growths for the breakdown of her 18-year marriage and says that she is struggling to find employment because bosses don’t want to hire her.

Sadly, she even says that she is scared to go to her sons’ school whenever needed, fearing that other children might bully her children after seeing her. She also says the condition has seriously knocked her confidence and has left her not wanting to leave the house as children run away from her.

She revealed that she always had the bumps, but it became noticeable and more obvious only after the birth of second child, who is now 15.

She says since then the number of tumours has rapidly increased and although she’s undergone two surgeries in an attempt to ease her condition, she now says she has run out of treatment options in her home country and is hoping to medics from other parts of the world.

She said: “I have had the condition since birth, but it started getting a lot worse about 15 years ago.

“It was very small and did not show up much until after the birth of my second child. Then after he was born it got a lot worse.

“It’s very painful, especially my leg. Right now when I squeeze the bump something like a large blackhead comes out.

“Sometimes if you do that they can become infected. Once my entire finger swelled up and it was very painful. I have to be very careful.

“I have one of the most serious cases of neurofibromatosis in the world.

“Here in Trinidad there is no help for me at all. I have had two surgeries to try and clear some of the lumps but they have swollen up again.

“I have three huge lumps on my leg and a big one on my side.

“In all I think I have thousands of lumps. On my face and head alone there are probably three thousand or more. It looks like my skin is a strange bubble wrap.

“It is the ones by my eyes that concern me the most. The doctors say they could remove them to stop them blocking any vision but I am too afraid of the risk to my eyesight. I really worry something could go wrong.”

Despite everything, Charmaine says she always try to keep upbeat, despite the horrible things people say to her.

“I get a lot of stares if I go out and a lot of people bring me down,” she said.

“I see myself as a beautiful person and I try not to let people affect me. I can’t let myself be affected by everyone’s opinions.

“Some people do say some horrible things. Some people, especially children, get scared of me and run away.

“One person even told me that if they were in my position they would kill themselves.

“But I’m a happy person. At the end of the day I do everything that a normal person does. How could I think about doing anything to harm myself?”

Looking ahead to the future, Charmaine is hoping to find treatment abroad.

Adding: “I would love to have proper treatment. A couple of years ago I travelled to a clinic in Maryland for four days and they were able to help me.

“I would like to go back or try anywhere else that could help me, whether that is in the US or the UK or anywhere in Europe or Australia.

“Here in Trinidad it is impossible to get help.”