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17th Century Soldier Spotted Hovering Over Headstones In Liverpool

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Ghost hunters have claimed that they saw a soldier from the 1600s walking near the headstones and haunting a cemetery. The ghostly figure was spotted by Louisa Farell as she was a part of a ghost walk at St James Cemetery in Liverpool.

The ghost was seen wearing an armour and the uniform of a soldier from the 17th century. The cemetery has been in the news and many believe that it has been haunted and the recent photographs support the claim.

The eerie photo shows a white figure which looks to be dressed in a three quarter length suit of armour with its legs covered. The ghost’s face can be seen and the soldier also seems to be wearing a helmet.
Keith Braithwaite, who has been hosting ghost walks in the cemetery described the soldier as wearing battle dress.

The ghost hunter also described the cemetery as one of the most haunted in the region.
Mr Farell told that it was her first ghost walk at the cemetery.

She said: ‘I was really excited to have seen something show up and the first thing I saw was a face on the right hand side.

‘But then I noticed the figure on the left which I thought looked like some sort of priest.’

Mr Braaithwaite believes that the ghost is a soldier from when Prince Rupert came to Liverpool. During the Civil War siege of Liverpool in 1644, Prince Rupert of Germany and 10,000 came to the city. They even built a lock-up that remains to this day.

Mr Braithwaite told: ‘I have done walks since 2002 and I do one in St James once a month.
‘It is a very active place and we always get a result but at the same time the people I take around have respect for the dead.’