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‘Baby Gets Some Ink’ Video Sparks A Debate In Vietnam

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People on social media were engaged in a debate after a controversial video surfaced the internet that showed adults holding baby while ‘getting a tattoo’. According to the reports the video was captured in Vietnam.

As expected, a few people were upset and thrashed the adults who were involved in the act. They even called it child abuse. However, some of them were questioning its authenticity. In the video, a tattoo artist is seen drawing a cartoon character on the child’s chest.

An angry viewer said: “The only people who could do this are animals – they are luckily they didn’t give any details about their address.

“I hope the police are informed.”

Interestingly, the baby is not seen crying, though it was trying the escape. This is the part that had confused a section of people.

One person pointed out: “Grown men cry when they get a chest tattoo and this little child doesn’t react at all. Fake as hell.”

Meanwhile, another person commented: “There’s a chance this is fake unless the baby is sedated. It’s just a stencil. If this was real, the baby would be crying.”

It should be noted that Vietnam is currentlt undergoing a cultural change when it comes to tattoos. While the older generation view it as taboo, the younger lot are embracing it.