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These Teen Girls Were Taking A Selfie At School. What They Found In The Background Made Me Shudder.

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People have been intrigued by the supernatural from a long time. Ghosts are a concepts that people can find anywhere in the world. But, People always find them in the most craziest of places. Haunted basements, haunted attics, haunted hayrides and now, haunted high schools. There are shows that are created by television networks that are meant to scare the crap out of people. But, What is your school was really haunted?

Welcome To Scare School
You might think that this is just a innocent looking stone at the entrance of this school. However, this school is know for more than its quality of education. It is known to be actually haunted and there is photographic proof.

The School actually holds a Guinness record for having the largest student body. 20,000 students to be precise.

This School is Now Known For More Than its Size
There are strange things that keep happening here.

Like every other school students, these students also take selfie. There’s nothing wrong in that right?
Well, these selfies sometimes have something extra in them.

Many students are scared to walk the hallways alone.

In this particular photo no one knows where the girl in the corner came from, or where she disappeared off to.

Main image and collage images via YouTube / Updated Viral Videos