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Saudi TV Channel Slammed For Exploiting Game Show Participant’s Feelings While Breaking The News Of His Father’s Death

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A Saudi man broke down after hearing the news of his father’s death during a game show. The news was revealed to him by a TV host. The young contestant, Ibrahim Al Awad, was seen running around the set after hearing the news and eventually collapsed.

The channel has been criticized by people for the manner in which the news was delivered to the contestant and slammed them for using the feelings of the contestant.

The channel immediately apologised and tried to make amends. Abdull Aziz Al Oraify, the channel’s chairman of the board condemned the manner in which the news was broken to the contestant, adding that it was ‘foolish’ behaviour and unacceptable as people’s feelings and emotions must be respected.

In the statement issued by the channel, strict action was taken against the employees by suspending them. Meanwhile, the channel also condoled the death of Al Awad’sfather.

The statement also confirmed that the management had no idea of the situation nor permission was asked to telecast that part of the show. It also added that the administration saw the emotional scene during the broadcast, they stopped the programme for a commercial break.

The matter will be investigated thoroughly to expose those involved.