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Qatar Gets An Official Invitation To The Arab League Summit In Riyadh Despite Ongoing Crisis

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Qatar received an official invitation to the Arab League Summit in Riyadh to be held later this month in spite of the ongoing crisis in the region. The development was confirmed by the Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lulwa Al-Khater.

“The state of Qatar has received the invitation to participate in the Arab Summit, and will participate, but we have not yet decided the level of participation,” Al-Khater said in a statement.

Earlier, Qatar took part in the preparatory meeting of the Arab League in Egypt after which Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani, told the Qatari Shura Council that the country would “attend the next Arab summit regardless of where it is held and the country that will host it”.

The announcement came after it was quoted by five US officials as saying that US President Donald Trump would delay the Camp David summit with Arab Gulf leaders, originally scheduled to take place in May, to September. US also warned that it would consider calling-off the annual US-GCC meet, if the blockade on Qatar was not lifted.

US President Trump reportedly made phone calls to the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani and Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz on Tuesday, stressing the need for a quick resolution to Gulf crisis.

The Saudi-led bloc severed ties with Qatar in June last after accusing it of supporting terrorism. However, the claim was denied by Doha.