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This Is Exactly Why We Call Karma Is A Batch. Kid Gets Instant Punishment For His Stupid Act

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Time and again we get to learn things from people or life in general. While, wise people correct themselves after seeing mistakes of others, some fools try to take on karma and do things that will come back to haunt them.

A boy who in an elevator did something that he will regret for a long time and has also become a joker. He looks around and pees on the push buttons of the elevator. Just after finishing he looks to get away as if nothing had happened.

But, here comes the twist. The doors appear set to open – but they suddenly malfunction and close. Bewildered, he panics and presses the button but quite immediately takes his hands away after realizing what he’s just done.

Here’s how people reacted to it:

Hopefully, the kid has learnt a lesson for life and never tries something like this in future.