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Will You Take Up This Bizarre Nude Yoga To Boost Your Confidence?

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Yoga is a powerful tool to control one’s mind and lead a happy life. The healthy practice is quickly catching everyone’s attention due to its benefits. However, a new yoga is in news for its different approach.

A young instructor is encouraging women to strip and tight muscles from their bodies. Aleea Moodie, who runs Yoga Bhava in Queensland’s Toowoomba, has been teaching clients the practice of nude yoga.

The 29-year-old said that her classes are designed to empower women of all shaped and sizes to embrace their  bodies in order to overcome their insecurity and inferiority.

Not only can getting into a naked child’s pose be a spiritual practice – Aleea said the activity boosts body confidence.

‘I realised a lot of women have body confidence issues so I wanted to break the stigma,’ she told

‘About a year ago, I thought about exploring the nudity culture and encourage women to embrace their own natural body.

‘It’s not about sexualising nudity but it’s about being confident in your own skin and learning to love your body imperfection instead of spending your whole life feeling ashamed about your body – you only get one life.’

She started her class in May last year and since then she has been inspiring women to do yoga. ‘One of the ladies I taught shared a beautiful feedback with me – she told me my classes changed her life. It’s really fulfilling to hear these comments,’ she said.

‘The response I’ve received so far has really inspired me to keep going, and the ladies have made the experience worthwhile.’

There will obviously be some doubts of doing nude yoga in some complicated positions, Aleea assured that her classes are gentle. ‘No, we don’t do any downward dogs,’ Aleea said, laughing.

‘We do flow stretches on the floor such as yin yoga so no one feels vulnerable and everyone feels comfortable straight away.

‘People get anxious in the first three to four minutes, but suddenly, it’s okay and by the end of the class, everyone’s laughing.’

She also said that while doing nude yoga, she transforms her studio into a safe place. Her $20-an-hour classes are held in a dark, candle lit room and yogis all sit in a line facing the front of the room.

No one is looking left or right or judging each other because they are all only concerned with themselves so it is a really safe space,’ she said.

‘I have women over 50s, young people and ladies of all sorts of nationalities. When we’re all in the room, we realise we’re all in the same boat.

‘Everyone knows that we’re all here to relax and just have fun.’ For those who are interested to come along, Aleea said: ‘It’s not as scary as you think. It’s all about girl power so help me, help other women.’

Though nude yoga is a popular trend now, Aleea runs this class just once every couple of months.