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10 Common Lies That Men End Up Telling Their Ladies

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Let us face it, no matter how kind the men are to their lady love, there will be times where they would have to lie. After all, men will be men.

Here are the 10 common lies that most of the men tend to use:

He says he trusts you going with girls even when he’s not there

There are chances that he might not completely be fine when he tells it. He might be a bit uncomfortable when you go out without him.

He says he has been busy to respond

That’s the common excuse men find when all those texts go without replies. There might be genuine cases though, but when it becomes a regular practice then he is fooling around.

He says he is not worried about your ex

This is a complete false, at lease in the majority of the cases. There will definitely be a jealousy factor involved.

He is fine with your drama

Common nobody likes to be around a drama queen even after getting married, but if he still manages to tell you that he doesn’t mind listening to your nag then you are either lucky or he is bluffing.

He doesn’t check out other girls

As I said earlier, men will be men. If you end up believing this statement then you are just too innocent. No matter what men will definitely check out girls.