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Ever Wondered What Girls Browse The Most When They Are Alone. It’s Definitely Not What Most Of You Thought

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We all have our favourite thing to do while we are alone and people do crazy stuff when nobody is around, however, with the increase in the usage of mobiles things have changed drastically as people are immersed into it even when they are surrounded by people.

Having said that there are still certain things that most of us would like to browse when we are alone. In this case, let us find out what most of the women tend to google when they are left alone.

Check it out:

Steps to lose weight easily

Women just don’t like to put on weight and would give up on anything just to have that flawless figure and so it’s obvious it makes it to the top of the list.

‘How to cut my own hair?’

Again, they want things to be perfect when it comes to their appearance and no woman would mess around with her hair. Therefore, search related to maintaining their hair will also be a priority.

Googling themselves

Not just women, even men do it just out of curiosity. Many would just want to do it for fun and sometimes it doesn’t disappoint as you will be encountered with some of the outrageous answers.

‘How many cats or dogs can I have?’

Women love to have those cute pets and are emotionally attached to them. Therefore, they keep themselves busy by asking such queries.

‘Will this make me pregnant?’

They just don’t want to be pregnant when they are not ready and hence it is a common question every girl will also at one point of time.