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9 Times Celebrities Had To Pay The Price For Their Snapchat Fails

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Sometimes social media can put you in serious trouble even for the silliest mistakes and in case of celebrities it’s more vulnerable because of the high number of followers. Here are some celebrities who landed in trouble due to Snapchat failures

Gigi Hadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid was in Miami for a Victoria secret pink event, while her now ex-boyfriend, Cory Simpson, was hosting a Miami spring break event. However, Gigi was in a spot of bother while she was caught in the DJ booth doing drugs while snap chatting.

Waka Flocka

Popular rapper Waka Flocka would not have expected a simple act of his would put him in trouble. He was playing with a small girl by locking her inside a cage and even took her out of it safely. But, thanks to snapchat it was enough for people to criticize him.

Playmate Dani Mathers

Probably the worst affected in the list. The Playmate was in a Los Angeles gym locker when she clicked a photo of an unsuspected naked woman. She was fired from her gig and even faces a possible jail time. She has apologized to her fans.


Singer Usher ended up showing off a bit too much while taking his viewers on a tour of his home. He took off his clothes and steamed up the viewer’s phone with a nude photo. He tried his best to cover up his bits with emojis, but there was nothing much left to the imagination.

Victoria Beckham

She had fans in stitches with her cute snap chat fail while she was having a good time with friend Eva Longoria. The pair had tried snap chat puppy filter.