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Fast-Food Employee Floors People With His Random Act Of Kindness

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A fast-food employee swept away people’s heart with his heart-warming gesture by feeding a disabled customer. The video was posted by Laurinha Victoria, which was taken in a food court in Salvador, Brazil.

Victoria said that she started to record the video when she saw the worker feeding a customer with disability. Apparently, the customer was finding it difficult to eat because of his conditions. The employee who noticed his struggle pitched in to help him.

The employee was Wellington Bruno de Oliveira Sacremento, and he is just 17, working as an intern from Salvador.

Here’s how Victoria captioned the video:

“Today I was taken by emotion with tears in my eyes. That’s the real charity, what a beautiful thing. I came to him and said, what a beautiful gesture you are having. God bless you.”

As expected the video has amassed millions of views and has also inspired many to do some good work. The company has not yet revealed how they are planning to reward him.

The company’s spokesperson Gilberto Ribeiro said: “We train and instruct our employees to understand and attend customer needs and desires. And in that case, Bruno went beyond any market customer experience notion, by helping a human being. It was his call as he saw the situation. We are very proud to have a person like that in our organisation. Not only in a professional spectrum, but in a human and social perspective.”

Watch the video below: