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10+ Secrets You Didn’t Know About The Female Body

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The human body is still a mystery even though science has helped us understand a lot about it. Apart from the well-known things about the female body, there are certain hidden and lesser-known facts. These might come as a shock to you guys so brace yourselves!


Here’s a list of all the shocking secrets you need to know about the female body

  1. One breast is larger than the other

There isn’t too much of a visible difference but this is a true fact

  1. The baby’s qualities are dependent on what the mother eats during pregnancy
  2. The hormones that control the food cravings in women is responsible to control sexual desires
  3. Women are capable of multiple orgasms

While men need time before the second


  1. Women have better memory

They tend to travel into the past more than men


  1. Women are attracted to resourcefulness and beauty in men.

While men tend to lean to youthfulness and attractiveness

  1. Women listen from both sides of their brain.
  2. Older women tend to orgasm quicker

Women over the age of 40 orgasm quicker than their younger counterparts

  1. According to research women are hornier in the summers
  2. A woman’s egg is fertile between 24 to 48 hours and sperm can live up to 48 hours or even longer in the woman’s body.
  3. Women are known to live longer than men
  4. Birth control pill messes mutual attraction

Women who take birth control are perceived as less attractive because men are especially attracted to fertile women.

  1. Grooming pubic hair increases risk of contracting STI’s

You might wanna go easy on that