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‘Rich Kids Of Budapest’ Show Off Their Luxury Lifestyle Of Hungary

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Budapest has become a hot tourist destination, especially for the rich to flaunt their luxury life styles. The stunning old buildings is a feast to eyes. It’s tough to hold yourself back from losing yourself in this incredible city.

I am sure a few would criticize the spending, but let’s face it there are not many out there who would not show off when there’s a lot of money.

These ‘Rich Kids of Budapest’ do know how to grab eye-balls with their rich lifestyle.

Instagram has captured the “live fast, die young” lifestyle of these teens and there are plenty of salacious photos that show off exactly how extravagant they choose to live. Sports cars, expensive campaign, private jets, and luxury vacations are just some of the things you can see on the account.

Not just money, they even shed their inhibitions and show off their figures. Some even pose nude without much hesitation.

Most of them appear to be enjoying their inheritances as none seem to have a job. Their life mainly revolves around staying fit, eating expensive food and posting their pics.

These kids love to spent time in hot tubs, drive their luxury BMWs and Ferrari’s, and literally take pictures of their wads of cash for the account. As expected, there are plenty of Rolex watches to be spotted, and glasses of Moet & Chandon or Grey Goose Vodka nearby.

The Instagram account itself, which is simply called “Rich Kids Budapest”, claims to be the official account for these rich teens, and its tagline, “save water, drink champagne”, seems very accurate and more than appropriate.

The account is sponsored by, which is a Hungarian dating website that specializes in matching sugar daddies or mommies with sugar babies. In other words, they match rich people with loads of cash to those looking to pair up with those who would like to date into that lifestyle.