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Shocker!! Woman Dies After Performing Oral S3X With Doctor Who Smeared Cocaine On His Pen!s

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A woman German lost her life after performing oral sex with her partner, who also happens to be a prominent doctor. According to reports, he sprinkled his penis with cocaine before letting her do her thing.

Dr. Andreas Niederbichler, Germany’s top plastic surgeon, has been arrested for drugging his lover during sex.

The authorities believe that this might not be a single case but a multiple one. Three women revealed that they were seriously sick after sexual encounters with the doctor.

Prosecutors said that the victim, an unnamed 38-year-old woman, and the doctor had consensual sex at his home in Halberstadt. The woman collapsed after performing oral sex with the doctor.

Though she was rushed to the hospital, she was declared dead after a while as she failed to respond to the treatment.

It is reported that the doctor had given her cocaine without her knowledge. He became the head of cosmetic surgery at the Harzer Clinic in 2016.

The doctor got hold of women through online dating sites. Three of his ex-lovers reported sickness after they had sexual encounters with him.

The doctor has not yet been sent to prison and was put in a secure rehabilitation facility where he is receiving treatment for his addiction.