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Teen Girl Commits Suicide For A Mistake She Committed While She Was Drunk

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Some people tend to over react to simple issues and take it a bit too long even when its not necessary. A similar incident happened to a teen girl who blew things out of proportion which eventually costed her life.

The girl in question ended her life after accidentally sending her Snapchat story to her boyfriend. Well, to most of you it’s not that a big deal to end a life, but this girl just could not deal with it.

By now you would have realised that the Snapchat story was obviously not meant for her boyfriend, but still nothing is worth giving up on life.

Charlotte was actually supposed to send the messages to her friend. She was describing that she was feeling guilty about the previous night where she went to a club and then slept with some guy. She was sad that she cheated her guy.

She just recorded the message and sent it. But soon she realized that the message was sent to her boyfriend instead of her friend. As expected the boyfriend was upset with what he heard.

She tried explaining to him and revealed that she was drunk and had no idea what she was up to and everything happened unintentionally.

Fortunately, her boyfriend did not make a big deal of it and trusted her. However, he just told her that he was in a bad mood and refused to talk.

And then the unthinkable happened. When he received the next text from Charlotte he immediately sensed that something is going so wrong, as she just written a ‘Goodbye’.

He immediately tried calling her but there was no response. He then tracked her location with the help of Snapchat and alerted the police. When he reached the spot along with police, Charlotte was nowhere to be seen in her room.

When they searched they found her hanging on a tree and she was no more. Seriously, what a waste of life, she was indeed a good person and even had an understanding boyfriend. All she had to do was give herself and her boyfriend some time and things would have been in place.