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Woman Is Regretting Her Decision To Get Plastic Surgery After She Feels It Might Explode

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People should be happy and satisfied with what they have; be it the riches or the physique. Some people are never satisfied and always want more. You can either work out to get the body you desire or go for a plastic surgery. Most people who want to look as beautiful or as similar as celebrities go in for the latter option. One such person is Star Delguidice who has had over 200 plastic surgeries in the past 11 years and now is scared saying her butt implant may explode.

Meet Star Delguidice, the woman known for going through an astonishing 200 plastic surgeries in the past 11 years. As per Star, she has spent a whopping $30000 on this obsession of hers, but things have been changing for this woman lately. The last surgery she went through seems to have changed and toned down her obsession.

Star, who is of English origin started off with a simple cosmetic surgery which later turned into an addiction.

The last of the surgeries she had, has changed her view and toned down her obsession. Star fears that her butt implants may explode anytime. The operation which went on for 7-hours included taking fat from Star’s different body parts like thighs and arms and then injecting it right into her butts.

But the problems she has been facing ever since her last surgery are literally disturbing. As per Star, she is unable to sit. Even lying down is also not so easy for her these days. Due to this very issue, she was interviewed on a British show standing up. Talking about her experience and her fear that the implants may explode, this woman said,

“I think it stems from being a young child and shut away from a lot of things that normal children weren’t. I’m not entirely blaming my family for the way I’ve turned out, but you know… I probably am addicted to surgery but I am really scared now.

“The operation was a seven-hour operation. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m having therapy because I’m having post-traumatic stress through the surgery. I feel scared and stuff.

“It has a bit of an effect on me – mentally, and very much so physically. I haven’t been able to take my lovely little dog out for a walk and that’s affected me. I just want to live a normal life… if someone said ‘would you go through this again?’ I’d say ‘definitely not’.”

When consulted to a doctor, he suggested and asked her not to have any more plastic surgery or any other kind of operation done on her butts.