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24 Times People Got You Thinking About What You Just Saw

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No matter what we do there is always an element of risk involved, big or small. However, it is necessary to take calculative risk to achieve what we want. At times you also need a bit of luck going your way in order to keep you away from danger.

Here are some cases where people’s luck rattled them so hard that it shook them to the core:

That’s definitely in danger

The body still has some unfinished business

Now that’s the kind of luck you need


Looks like that was a bad choice


You don’t love that cute cat now, do you?


How did it land there?


That must be a puzzle pizza

BTW, who opens a salt can like that?


This dude is indeed lucky


Bees lose their life after a sting, hope that makes you feel better


That goosebumps moment


Good luck with that