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Presenting You April Gloria – The Perfect Lookalike Of Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift needs no introduction and anything related to her will spread like a wild fire. Some lucky people even make the most of it in a bizarre way by finding a connection.

April Gloria has become a celebrity of some sort as she looks incredibly similar to Taylor Swift and she grabbed limelight just by her looks. Some of you might find it really hard to believe that she is just a lookalike.

She looks flawless and stunning as Taylor Swift and the best part is she clearly knows how to carry it and has that attitude to pull it off.

It just doesn’t end with the resemblance, April has become one of the most famous Instagrammers since she nailed Taylor Swift’s cat-eyed, red lipstick signature look.

Just take a glance at her Instagram account and you will come across most of Taylor Swift’s recreation. I am sure April’s Instagram is all enough to convince you that there are probably two Taylors as she is a perfect lookalike of Taylor Swift.

She also happens to be Taylor Swift’s biggest fan and doesn’t leave any opportunity to copy her ideal. She even has a great taste for makeup and comes up with something brilliant every time.