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21 People Who Accidentally Dressed Like Their Surroundings

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Coincident are completely unpredictable. No one can actually guess what might come up, astonish you, tickle your funny bones and leave you astonished. When these things occur accidentally, you are just left wondering how awesome is that. So, what happens when the way you get dressed matches the surrounding you are about to visit or go? It’s completely unexpected camouflage.

Check the pictures below to know what I am talking about.

1. When you are fashion conscious and want everything to match, even a public transport seat.

2. When the person you designed your socks accidentally designs the carpet.

3. Get dressed using the same material your bed is made up of and become invisible. 

4. Did the drink company steal from the top designer or vice versa? Or was the girl inspired by the drink companies surrounding? 

5. Whoa! That’s one heck of a camouflage, though accidentally but awesome.

6. Have ever been in love with your surrounding so much that you decided to dress like it? This man did the just that.

7. So who are we supposed to kick, him or the football? 

8. This dude has some weird skill set of mixing with the surrounding.

9. Dressed his feet like the carpet to make himself look like flying over it.

10. It took me a moment to realize that there is a guy sitting and not a bag. When you accidentally get dressed as the bags you are supposed to carry.

11. She seems unpleased. I mean, women do get jealous when someone else wears the same dress but this was neither of the two’s fault, right?

12. The floor seems to expand to make her a part of the surrounding.

13. I have seen iPhone lovers but no one ever dressed to match the phone.

14.  That’s one awesome way to blend in with the surrounding, get dressed as the surrounding.

15. Was her dress accidentally made using the left over fabric of the seat covers?

16. Accidentally or not, but this lady has nailed how to get dressed to match the surrounding.

17. Soldiers do have an awesome skill of hiding at unlikely places. This one proves the point.

18. Has mother sea reincarnated herself and is dropping subtle hints?

19. Let’s just sit back and admire the cuteness of this picture.

20. The more you look at it, the dizzier you feel.

21. When floor is love and so is your shoe, this happens.