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Here’s How The Amazing Spiderman Is Making The World A Better Place To Live In By Helping The Homeless

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Most of us always wished for a superhero in a real life after seeing those incredible movies but soon realise that it’s just fantasy. However, there is one real ‘Spiderman’ who is doing his bit to turn this place into a better one.

A 20-year-old British Spiderman is proving to the world that anybody can be a superhero. Every night, a man with Spiderman costume is seen walking on the streets of Birmingham, England, in a bid to help the homeless people.

The mystery man works as a bartender during day and buys sandwiches with his own money and roams around in the night to deliver the food to the needy.

His incredible work has caught the attention of many and the costume has definitely helped in increasing the reach.

He said: “Before when I was handing out food, no one would take a second look. But when they see Spider-Man handing out the food they come over and ask what I’m doing and are really interested. Most importantly (they) become inspired to get involved themselves.”

Interestingly, the masked man refuses to accept donations even though many are coming forward to support him, instead, he wants people to directly get involved.