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Can’t Stay Without Headphones? Well, There Might Be A Bad News For You

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Headphones has turned out to be one of the basic things that people carry through out the day. For most of us, the travelling can be quite a task without the headphones.

Though, it’s good to be in your own space and not bother others, it is not really a good habit if you are using it through out the day. When you listen to it a lot there are chances of blackhead formation in your ears.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, around 50-million Americans experience blackheads and acne. Like the other surfaces of our skin where these blemishes pop up, our ears contain the same glands that release natural oil into the hair follicles.

So, if you are wondering how to stop it? Then the first and natural method is to limit the usage. However, if you are very much addicted to it then you have some other alternatives as well.

Check for dirt and dust on your earbuds. If you find some, wash them. This debris allows for blackheads to form. When you clean them, use gentle soap and water cleaner. You need to use a product that won’t irritate or harm your ears.

Don’t submerge your earbuds in water. You could damage the wires inside. Use a cloth instead. You won’t destroy the wiring or shock your ears. Finally, before cleaning your headphones, remove them from the electronic device. You could cause damage to not only your ears but to the device as well. Plus, you won’t shock yourself in the process of cleaning them or the next time you insert them in your ears.