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Here’s Why It Is Difficult For Jessica Alba To Make A Comeback Into Hollywood

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Jessica Alba was once considered the golden girl of Hollywood and a star for the future. Unfortunately, things are looking bleak for the diva as there are enough reasons for Hollywood to abandon her.

Check out the reasons:

She didn’t marry a Hollywood star

She was never desperate for limelight nor did she have a lot of friends from industry and that might be the reason for her lack of publicity. Moreover, she didn’t even marry a star in a sta- studded wedding.

Nobody remembers her

Not many remember her today despite some popular films. Though she looked stunning in most of her roles it failed to seal her place.

Failure to land good roles

She never really got meaty roles to prove her acting prowess. In a way her good looks came in her way and that over took her acting capabilities.

Because she acted in the sequel for of Fantastic Four

Many believe that this movie was the downfall for Alba and even she feels the same. She even went on to say that the role made her want to quit acting. She remarked after the film’s release “Am I not allowed to be a person in my work? And so I just said, ‘*ff it.’ I don’t care about this business anymore.”

Bad timing

She failed in taking right decisions at the right time. Since she maintained low profile, many good roles didn’t approach her.