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People Who Trolled Science With Unusual And Extra Body Parts

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Every now and then people from around the world will come up with something really unusual and capture our imagination. We are here one such article where you will see some unusual people who shocked the world.

These people were born with unusual and extra body parts that surprised science.

The Chinese lady, Henan has a horn on her forehead and she also made a record of having an unusual body part in the world.

A girl named Tridevil has a total of three breasts. However, the third one is not real and was implanted after a surgery. However, there is still a question of authenticity as many claim it to be a fake news.

Baby KangKang was born with a deformation called Transverse facial cleft, which means he had two faces. She was a healthy baby and went through many medical treatments which costs her 80,000 to 100,000 dollars.

A Chinese baby was born with 15 fingers and 16 toes. The Chinese boy had gone through painful surgeries and had gone with removing the extra numbers from his body.

This man was born with a third ear, on his hand. Yes, that’s right. He contacted experts for help and underwent an surgery in 2006 when he was 61 years old.