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Illustrations That Clearly Demonstrates The Differences Between Lust And Love

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It is very important to know the differences between lust and love in order to have a genuine relationship. Sometimes people might appear to be perfect, but in reality, all they will be having is lust and nothing else.

Here are some illustrations that will help you to know the difference between lust and love:

The prior choice

If sex is preferred you then it is obvious that love is playing the second fiddle in the relationship.

The ultimate care

If the attention is more than required then it might be to impress you. People in love just know when you are needed and they make sure they are there when the moment comes.

Differentiate the efforts

Just paying the bills and fulfilling demands is not necessarily love. It’s when you support them through all the odds. Lust is show off.

Thoughts matter

Love is something beyond the body, sometimes all you want is just to be around the person you love the most.

No reason to love

There is no reason to love and you cannot explain it. It just happens, whereas lust is masked and sugarcoated. It’s extremely transient.

True love sees the best in everything

If you appreciate the appealing part then it is lust, but in love the liking is unconditional.