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15 Times Perfect Timing Of Photographs Gave Out Different Meaning To The Situation

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Travelling is one of the best hobbies a person can have. It’s the best escape route one could have as it allows you to explore different things in life. You learn a lot about life and it teaches you valuable lessons.

A photographer who recently moved to New York displayed some of his work and what stands out the most among them is the timing, it’s just perfect, or picture perfect.

He said “I absolutely loved every second of it. But I wanted to filter the madness and confusion — a great metaphor for life in general, I think — into something more manageable. My attempts at doing just that — taming the anarchy, capturing the surrealist essence of New York — gradually crystallized into what is now my “Coincidences” project. Ultimately, “Coincidences” is my love letter to New York, and to the infinite number of magical, ephemeral and serendipitous moments that make it a city unlike any other.”

You are so talented that you don’t even need a graphite.

Mirror mirror on the wall, coincidence at its best.

When you are totally annoyed with the work.

That’s some smart work.

That’s a perfect shot.