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8 Secret Things About You That Your Smartphone Knows

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Smartphones know a lot more about a person than the family and friends. A thorough check of the smartphone would reveal the actual nature of a person, that is the extent to which the smartphone knows.

Here are some of the creepy things your smartphone quietly knows about you:

Every place you’ve ever been.

There is no escaping from your smartphone. Your phone can perfectly come up with the list of the places you have been.

Everything you’ve told to Siri.

Siri not only helps you but also remembers everything you have told. It could track anything from the way you pronounce words to the trends in Siri searches.

Your personal IDs.

If you think your details are safe and secured, then you are wrong. There is no longer a ‘secret’ and there is no hiding from your smartphone. Every personal detail you give out can be misused.

Your passwords.

If you think saving the passwords every time we log into an app or a website to avoid typing it every time is a good idea, then better think about it again. You definitely don’t want Google or the websites storing your information.

Every message you send.

Completely erasing the messages is not as easy your deleting option in your phone. You might be knowing that it can still be traced when required in spite of deleting the messages from your phone.

All the information you’ve given to Google.

Every detail you give out can be accessed. Androids are powered by Google apps. Since your phone is linked to all of your other Google accounts, it has access to everything.

How fast you are travelling.

Since your phone can track your movements, it is therefore possible to know how fast you’re going in your car.

All the information you’ve given to your apps.

The apps and sites you use obviously ask for your details and hence all the details you have provided is accessible by the sites and apps.