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12 Biggest And Embarrassing Mistakes That Will Remain In History Forever

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If you are one of those who commit mistakes more often than not and get screwed up, then you will obviously be feeling very bad about yourself. But don’t worry you are not alone, there have been instances where some mistakes that have been etched in history and which will haunt people forever.

Check it out:

Leaning Tower of Pisa

They took 177 years to build the tower, but it needed just 10 years to start leaning.

Mars orbiter

A mars orbiter was lost by NASA when one half of the team used metric units for calculations while the other half used English.


The large ship didn’t enough lifeboats. Why? Because they believed it was ‘unsinkable’.


The Dutch discovered 100 years before the British did. However, they ignored it thinking it was just a wasteland desert.


Russia sold Alaska to the US for a mere couple of cents for an acre as they thought it was a useless tundra.

Hindenburg tragedy

There are various myths about this incident as to what actually happened. But it was made quite clear that the disaster took place due to the hydrogen filling.