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Woman Caught Hiding Drugs In Bra And Loaded Gun Inside Her Lady Parts

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Anika Watt was arrested after she was found hiding drugs and weapons in her bra and lady parts. The woman from Missouri confessed to both the charges against her.

According to reports, she desperately tried to hide the Kimber 380 caliber handgun from authorities and so she hid it, however, the officers managed to spot the weapon.

She now faces the possibility of 10 years in prison for gun possession and 15 years for drug charges. However, there could be a discount in the sentence after she signed a plea deal.

A female officer found something suspicious and when she checked everything was revealed. The police revealed that it is not a rare case for people involved with drugs to have guns.

McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage said a total body search always follows after an individual is found with drugs. “When you find drugs, you look for guns,” he said.

The judgement will be pronounced on June 27.