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Nerdy Kids Who Turned Into Super “HOT” Hollywood Celebs

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Some of these celebrities will surprise you and there is no chance you will believe that they were indeed nerds. Though most of the kids will be nerds at a young age, its hard to assume some of these stars as nerd. If you still don’t believe us then just go through the list.

Demi Moore, the actress who speaks with her acting skills was a nerd and her childhood pic shows exactly that


Kate Moss is a pure delight and the fact that she was a nerd should not come as a big surprise to many


This is a shocker. Robert Downey Jr., the ruthless Iron Man just cannot be a nerd.


Now, can you imagine The Rock as a nerd.


Ariane Grande is just stepping out of her childhood and still has a long way to go.


Scarlett Johansson, one of the best looking actress proved that nerds are actually beautiful.