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These 20 People Quit Their Jobs in the Coolest Way

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1.This worker quit his job and stuck his photos at random places, like the back of this clock.

2.This is how we should all learn to quit.

3.This person quit his job because his boss didn’t change the sign.

4.Well, this is one of the coolest ways to quit the job.

5.Isn’t this smart?

6.This will want to make us quit our jobs this way.

7.Two weeks of notice, here it is.

8.Jerry Macquarie meets Master Chef; here it is, the best way to leave your 9 to 5 job.

9.Wow! We can’t be any more surprised!

10.Manager annoys all of the employees. And this is the result!


11.And so it goes, you two are breaking up.

12.The poem as a resignation? That’s so cool.

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13.Simple and sweet. Straightforward, and classy.

14.The entire crew went away leaving only this.

15.This is how a husband quits a job.

16.So basically, this is it. Think what you want. Nice.

17.A co-worker left this and made a statement.

18.And “I quit this job”!

19.You do! Inspiring!

20.And this resignation is all over the Hite board.