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12 Times People Had Crazy Ideas That Was True In Their Own Right

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Sometimes the most weird and craziest plans would end up being the perfect answer for a situation. Unfortunately, most of them don’t even get a consideration thanks to the ‘perfect’ world we are living in. we all need a logic, a process, a proper reason to go ahead, anything that looks out-of-the-box gets the axe and never come out in the open.

We have just tried to bring together some genius ideas of people that might actually work. Check out the ideas below:

Making Stevie Wonder a judge on ‘The Voice’ would make so much sense and give a new meaning to blind judging.

What if, ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ takes you on a self-driving car to any random location?

Hanging Mona Lisa portraits to different parts of the Louvre might bring the attention to other paintings.

Tell the United Airlines CEO on a restaurant reservation to take his seat and ask him to leave his seat on the account of the restaurant employees and take a later reservation as he has been involuntarily bumped. Film the fit he has and then call the police.

It could be a hit TV show.

The likes of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Assistant should only work when you say, “please” and “thank you” so that everyone can learn their manners.