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People Indulge In Public Shaming By Stripping Alleged Rapists And Parade Them On The Streets Of India

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People in India have been witnessing sexual harassment on a regular basis now and they think that it is definitely time to react. A recent incident in the country showed exactly what happens when a group of angry people take things into their own hands.

Two men who allegedly raped a 17-year-old girl was reportedly stripped naked and paraded on the streets for everyone to see. The locals filmed the public shaming and shared the clips on social media.

The alleged rapists were paraded “along the streets of Yingkiong – a town in the Upper Siang district of north-eastern India’s Arunachal Pradesh state,” the report said.

After the parade the culprits were handed over to the authorities for further investigation. Police deputy inspector General John Neihlaia said: “It seems the public did such a thing before handing the two to the police.”

It is reported that the victim went out with one of the men after meeting him online. She was then raped by the guy and his three friends, who are in their early 20s.

The rapists had their hands tied and were slapped by people. The relatives and neighbours caught two of the suspects after filing a complaint.

Neihlaia said: “The girl was dropped back at her home at 2am. Her parents lodged a complaint with the police in the morning.

“Meanwhile, the victim’s relatives and neighbours caught two of the accused and handed them over the police.”

The police are on the lookout for the remaining suspects.

Watch the video below: