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23 Difficult Situations No One Could Have Ever Predicted

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1. It Just had to be the tastiest part of the pizza

2 I didn’t See that coming

3 My Mom’s Gonna Flip

4 Talk About Bad Day

5 This is a lesson – Always put the paint in the trunk.

6 Poor Tooth Brushes

7 Someone had some Spicy Food

8 It’s Overcooked a Tad Bit

9 The cat Just Figured the Cooler Button.

10 Talk about Top Notch Security

11 Get a cat, they said. It will be fun, they said.

12 Cats having fun at my expense

13 Hope Someone gifts me a TV

14 Who’s the lucky Dog??

15 Not a morning person

16 Better luck next time buddy!!

17 Try before you BUY

18 How not to get a TAN

19 Hello, claustrophobia

20 He learned an important lesson

21 “Accidentally closed a fish oil pill in my laptop… laptop broke but the liquid gel didn’t.”

22 Whose Design is this??

23 “This is what happens when you try to sneak around a very alert 3-year-old and open a Capri Sun in your hoodie pocket.”