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12 Common Mistakes That Are Costing People Their Relationships In Modern Society

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Breaking up has become a sort of trend today and people don’t really have qualms about it. Unfortunately, in most of the cases the break up happens because of some minor and silly issues that can be easily solved.

The modern relationship doesn’t have time and patience to nurture the bond between two people. Any small obstacle in a relationship, they call it quits and try to move on. Though it is their personal choice, sometimes it would be better if they can hang on for a bit and give it another shot because some relationships can really be special.

Anyway, let us check out the modern relationship problems experienced today and how to prevent them.

Judging before knowing the actual fact

Most of the partners who are possessive just need a spark to lose their mind. It is important to listen first and then decide.

Difference between before and after

Most of them lose interest pretty soon and start believing that it was the wrong decision. Once you are no longer happy with your partner, you just cannot tolerate the presence and start to ignore and avoid them.


It’s common for people to have expectations from their partners, but most of the times two things go missing while listing emotional and personality trait and that is – good looks and financial stability. A good personality is a given, so its not necessary to mention the obvious.

When changing for the better hits back

Sometimes people fail to see the reason behind the changes and eventually believe that their partner is a changed person altogether.

No touching

Allowing your phone to browse has all of a sudden become the ultimate meter for trust. Some people don’t want their partners to peep into their phones.

Love hurts

They end up sharing the most important feelings with the virtual world rather than their partner, which would make a lot of sense.