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20 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From The Past

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#1 Dance Till You Drop Contest.

#2 Beauty Masks in England in 1932

#3 Cutting and packing beef in Germany in 1908

#4 Ladies wear special container hats during a Tupperware party in the US in 1950.

#5 People in the Semana Santa festival in Spain in 1960

#6 A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of “home” while living in a residence for disturbed children in Warsaw, Poland in 1948.

#7  A promotional picture for the 1967 film “Planet of the Female Invaders”

#8  A robot answering machine

#9 A German soldier goofing off in 1939.

#10 A picture of model Shirley Ann Bridgeford taken by her eventual killer Harvey Glatman in San Diego, CA, US in 1958. He took numerous pictures of her and 2 other victims, Judy Ann Dull and Ruth Mercado, tied up before he tortured and killed them. These pictures are easily found online.

#11 Famous freak show performer Myrtle Corbin, who was born with 2 pelvises and 2 sets of legs, with her husband and daughter in the US in 1898.

#12 A suspected Viet Cong woman is questioned by a South Vietnamese officer while an American soldier holds a gun to her head in 1968.

#13 Lon Chaney Sr in his costume as a clown for the film “Laugh, Clown, Laugh” in 1928.

#14 The execution of female guards of the Stutthof concentration camp near the Free City of Danzig in modern Poland in 1946.

#15 A kid plays with a toy gun in Pittsburgh, US in 1950

#16 A model has a device on her head that helps to correct the application of make-up while the inventor, Max Factor, shows her how to use it in Poland in 1930.

#17 3 High flying circus acrobats pose for a picture in costume in Germany in 1884. One is dressed as a woman and would pretend to be one during the performance showing surprising strength.

#18 A winner of the game of Palo Encebado in Mexico in 1920.

#19 3 Students picketing against integrating Clinton High School in Tennessee, US in 1956. It’s ironic the young man on the right can’t spell.

#20 A bullet proof vest, helmet and goggles in France in 1930