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21 Scarlett Johansson Pics Which Proves She Is Still Hollywood’s Favourite Blonde

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Scarlett Johansson has ruled Hollywood for years now with her impeccable work and flawless look. despite being there for years she still enjoys massive fan following, which only seems to be growing not only among audience but also among Hollywood directors and co-stars.

She always wanted to be an actress and when the time came she grabbed it with both the ends and she has never looked back since then.

She is now counted among Hollywood’s biggest stars and commands respect from her colleagues in the industry.

While Johansson is not offended to be considered a symbol, she does hope to be seen more than a pretty face in the future. Johansson has said – “People like to keep the fantasy alive, whether it’s good or bad or dramatic or more interesting than reality. You can be pigeon-holed or labeled or torn apart or put up on a pedestal. Sometimes you are affected by certain things. It’s a learning curve and I’m still in the adjustment phase of figuring out how to dodge the effects of the media glare.”

Here’s why she is still Hollywood’s favourite blonde:

She was at her best even when she was pregnant.


She has often experimented with her hairstyles and nailed it.


But never goes away from her blonde look as she knows that its her trump card.


She looks rocking in leather jacket.


Even the short cut never fails to mesmerise you.


And the best is that she looked stylish even before she was famous.


She knows how to wear a power suit.


She can make the nerd-look ultra stylish.


She rocks in mom jeans.


Even her worst looks do not look bad.

She can rock with the perfect red lip.