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Angry Women Give Their Piece Of Mind To A Mistress After Finding Her With A Man

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Things can get really nasty when a group of angry women gang up on a person and one poor mistress found out that in a harsh way. the ‘mistress’ we are talking about was found with a man when she was thrashed by a woman and her gang.

The man’s wife and her squad stripped the mistress naked in broad daylight in public. The incident was filmed and shared on social media in China which has now gained more than a million views.

The alleged lover was stripped and shamed by a group of angry women. They absolutely had no mercy and thrashed the lady in public, they dragged her hair and tried to strip her naked in front of onlookers.

The public did try to stop the onslaught, but the ladies were in no mood to give up and continued to kick and beat the mistress. They were hell bent on shaming the lover and did everything possible to do it.

However, nobody knows what happened to the husband or how the wife dealt with him. Interestingly, adultery is not a crime in China and the mistress had done nothing illegally.

Since the law doesn’t look into such cases, most of the wives in China take these matters into their own hands and deal it in their own way.

Watch the video below: