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When Elon Musk Deleted Tesla And SpaceX’s Facebook Pages Just Like That To Preserve His ‘The Man’ Status

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Many would get into depression just with a though of deleting their Facebook and even the world tends to believe that something is really wrong. But, that’s for ordinary people not for men like Elon Musk who deleted Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook pages without any hesitation after a twitter challenge.

Musk was answering to a series of questions on twitter when he saw one of Signal’s Brian Acton’s hashtag #deletefacebook. Musk soon replied and asked “What’s Facebook?”. Action is a co-founder of the messaging app WhatsApp (which is owned by Facebook).

Soon, one of the followers told Musk that he should delete the Facebook page of SpaceX if Musk was “the man.”

Musk took the challenge and confirmed that he would delete the Facebook page and stated that he didn’t even know what Facebook was.

One of the followers even made screenshot of SpaceX’s Facebook page. Musk claimed that it was the first time he had seen it and commented that ‘it would be gone soon.”

Another follower dared him to delete the Facebook page of Tesla to which Musk replied “it looks lame anyway.”

Finally, Musk stood by his words and yes the Facebook pages of Tesla and SpaceX was gone just like that. Meanwhile, the page for Solar City, which is owned by Tesla, was also gone.