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9 Indications That Tells You To Say Goodbye To A Relationship

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Every relationship takes a bit of nurturing and time to last long. It also needs honest people who don’t fake around. Not all relationships remain fruitful and the sooner you realize it the better it is for you.

Here are some signals that lets you know that it’s time to let go of a relationship:

You don’t feel positive after talking to them

If you are really into the relationship, then no matter how bad the situation is you will feel a lot better after talking to the person. You might not find a solution right away but the conversation will take away the negativity from your mind.

You are not able to depend on them

If the other person is not honest in a relationship then there will always be an excuse to avoid you. If it happens on a regular basis then it is better to walk away.

The person keeps breaking your trust

Trust is the foundation on which any relationship is built. However, some people take others for granted and break the trust. Any relationship which is not trustworthy should not be entertained.

The person is not consistent with their behaviour

The inconsistency creeps in when the person is not happy in a relationship and it is a negative sign. If the regular change in behaviour is taking a toll on you then there is no point in holding on to it.

Relationship is not the priority

It’s all about priorities at the end of the day. If the relationship is really special then no matter how busy and occupied they are, there will always be a way to reach out.

The person is needy

Too much dependence is a sign of neediness and it can completely drain you out. People always a need some space every now and then and when there is too much of dependence things just don’t work out after a while.

Your find yourself forcing someone to care

Genuine relationships require honest people who decide to care for each other. Anybody can love you for a while but having the same concern forever is what every individual need.

They don’t actively listen to you

If you mean something to a person then every minute detail of you will be interesting to them. However, if you are not heard actively and often ignored then just say goodbye to the relationship.

You tend to change yourself around that person

It’s the simplest sign that you must look out for. You just become a different person in the presence of that person and that is because there is something unusual in a relationship. Sometimes there can be change if you like a person but when you force yourself and you don’t like the change then just think about it.